Jasmin Jandreau

   International Film Actor 

               Jasmin Jandreau is an German-American actor known for her award winning performance in the US drama The Trail as well as many of the European and international films she stars in.


Already at a young age, starting her career in Austria, she played an ingénue alongside famous German actor Moritz Bleibtreu in Jud Süß, a film with a stirring account of Nazi propaganda that was selected for the Berlin International Film Festival.


She went on to star in the western drama The Trail, her best known performance of a young pioneer woman caught in the struggle of her life after her wagon band heading to the gold rush in California is attacked by Indians in the Sierra Nevada mountains; she must find her way to civilization before the brutal winter sets in. The Trail premièred at the Cannes International Film Festival and Jasmin received two best actress awards for her performance in the US.


In the following year, she was selected in an international search to portray the role of Catherine Earnshaw in the newest adaptation of Wuthering Heights. The film will complete shooting in North Yorkshire, England early this year, with a release date for 2018. 


Jasmin's recent film The Purple Orchid, in which she plays Summer, a girl suffering from agoraphobia and in search of a cure, was filmed in Cambodia and is officially selected for the London Indie Film Festival 2017.


And Woodwind, a film shot on location in Varanassi, India last year, has Jasmin playing a character of a mysterious nature, and is set to première in major film festivals this year.